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Looking Through a Glass Union (Again)

A year ago, this blog welcomed the One Dynamic Nation website to the debate on Scotland’s future, especially its relationship with England. Obviously a reasonably professional effort, in the intervening time, it has been fleshed out with a number of … Continue reading

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Scottish Enterprise: The Problem, not the Solution

Whatever kind of recession we’re in, pretty much everyone now agrees that we’re in one. What everyone does not agree on in how to get out of it. In fact, there is a significant proportion of the population—quite often those … Continue reading

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Leader of the Free World? Baggie Not

American politics is something that rarely interests Europeans, not least because of its simplistic tenets and absolute belief in itself. But as long as its 300m people constitute the biggest consumer market and source of innovation on the planet, who … Continue reading

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If It’s About Money, You’re in the Wrong Job

For six years as community councillor and thirteen as a local authority councillor, most of which I served on a SEPA board, I have earned a grand total of around £149,000. Put another way, that works out at £3.50 per … Continue reading

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The Sillars Season

Jim Sillars has been a weel kent face in Scottish politics since before he won the Govan by-election for the SNP in 1988 and repeated the wet-fish-in-the-puss-for-Labour act his irrepressible wife Margo MacDonald had achieved 15 years prior. As a … Continue reading

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Costly Lessons

Just back from a week wandering Appin, Morvern and Mull, I make no apology for having silenced this blog for a whole week. We all need a break but watching sea eagles bringing sudden death to the fish of Loch … Continue reading

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