You Want Reasons? Ask Anyone…

Having pressed the flesh around Eden Court in Inverness, I realise there are still those in the party who either don’t know of me or have not witnessed my work in the cause. So, for any SNP delegate reader yet to fill in their ballot papers (available from HQ desk at the entrance and to be cast there by 10am on Sunday 23rd), here are six reasons I offer (and you should cross-check by asking those who do know me) to justify your voting for me in said cause:

Dave has an activist’s background:

  • Reformed N. Berwick branch ‘93
  • ELCA Organiser 1995–98
  • National Organising Ctte 2000-05
  • Active in every by-election to date

Dave knows what it takes to win:

  • First SNP councillor in E. Lothian (N. Berwick East, 1999)
  • Led first by-election win (Musselburgh East, 2000)
  • Led first SNP Administration 2007
  • Destroyed Labour Leader in 2011

Dave knows his way around the party:

  • Member, National Council 2000–present
  • Member, NEC 2006–present
  • Member, national vetting team 2007—present

Dave knows what councillors need:

  • Revived ANC from dead 2005
  • ANC Convener 2006–10
  • Introduced Local & Vocal newsletter
  • Introduced Councillor Conferences
  • Presented to most council groups

Dave’s not afraid to break fresh ground:

  • Campaigned for a modern party database
  • Founder member cross-party Scottish Independence Convention 2004

Dave knows how strategic this post is:

  • Training new council candidates
  • Supporting councillors old & new
  • Targeting opponents’ weaknesses
  • Maximising voter confidence
  • Selecting best tools of persuasion
  • Seizing a chance of Administration

Dave Berry for Local Government Convener 

About davidsberry

Local ex-councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Retired in 2017.
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