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EGIP: Closer Than You Think

No, this is not a message from the Cairo Tourist Board but shorthand for what must be the most no-brainer transport project in Scotland. Whereas five miles of M74 cost us £675m and 0 miles of Edinburgh tram cost us … Continue reading

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Isle of May: Paradise Found

The legend of King Arthur dates from the days before the Brythons of Lothian were subsumed into what became Scotland. Arthur’s Seat links him to the area and there is a legend that the fabled Avalon was the Isle of … Continue reading

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Small = Beautiful or Uneconomic?

Everyone, with the possible exception of Cabinet Secretary Russell (who is a hard man to flummox) was surprised today when Argyll & Bute binned its plans to close 11 rural schools, with the exception of 2 that had no pupils. … Continue reading

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Can Passion & Politics Mix?

Sad anorak that I am, I spent much of Saturday catching up on my politics, including seeing the June 9th debate in the Scottish Parliament—a Labour motion on Caring for our Elderly. There was a variety of speeches from across … Continue reading

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Something Completely Different

It’s a quirk that, when an actor, comedian or whoever from TV, film, etc becomes one of your favourites, you feel as if you know them, as if you could sit down over a coffee and put the world to … Continue reading

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Hey, Big Spender

One of the ‘advantages’ of the union that is often touted by the likes of Eric “Rentaquote” Joyce and his ilk is that, as a part of Britain, Scotland “punches above its weight” in the world or that we derive … Continue reading

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Circling the Gunboats

One month on from the election in which the impossible happened—a party secured a majority at Holyrood—and the world has yet to come to an end, although it might have for some parties, if the way they are behaving is … Continue reading

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On Days Like These, Stay in Bed

After the brilliant weather calm of the previous two days, I should have taken a hint from cloudier skies, ten-degree drop in temperature and blustering northeasterly, all sprung up overnight. After Saturday surgery, I wandered off down to the harbour … Continue reading

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US Kids European Golf

Hundreds of the world’s best junior golfers returned to East Lothian this week for the U.S. Kids Golf European Championship—a four-day competition that brought the next generation champions from all over the world to play Gullane 1 & 2, Luffness, … Continue reading

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Top Ten Hits This Year

Blog Title Hits 57: Load of Rubbish 927 97: Letham—Commuters or Community? 725 63: Stop Digging 690 So Near… 622 71: Parliamo Politico III 604 60 Days to Go 579 62: Genteel Revolutionaries 531 35: Who Cares? 428 64: Uplifting … Continue reading

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