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Dateline: September 18th, 2019

Looking back over five hectic years since the referendum, it’s surprising how little our lives have changed. Post gets collected from the same red boxes, the Beeb is where it always was on the dial and pensions get paid like … Continue reading

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An Open Letter From Jim Sillars To Scotland’s Pensioners

AN OPEN LETTER FROM JIM SILLARS TO SCOTLAND’S PENSIONERS I am 76 years of age. My State Pension is safe with independence, and so is yours. Who says so? The UK Department for Work and Pensions in a statement made…

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Dismal Scientist

Yesterday a good friend in California (one of the whip-smart feminists to whom I referred recently) forwarded two Op Ed pieces from the prestigious New York Times. Apparently it is not only the London press corps who have woken up … Continue reading

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Shirreff Parks his Tanks on our Lawn

The world of global diplomacy—and with it, the context of our independence debate—has become increasingly surreal. Despite being unable to breathe without running into WWI commemorations, the lessons the Great War taught seem no longer relevant to our complex modern … Continue reading

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This Is No Small Country

One of delights in returning home to Scotland twenty years ago was to discover a renaissance in its arts flourishing across the board. Having left in 1971 when the Cringe seemed the most fashionable garb among those with artistic ambition, … Continue reading

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