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Those Who Don’t Learn…

…from history are doomed to repeat it. George Santayana’s aphorism seems universal in its applicability and therefore the BBC presenter Neil Oliver (of Coast and History of Scotland fame) is entirely justified in sounding a similar warning on Radio Five … Continue reading

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Staycationer’s Shore Guide

A small article in today’s Hootsmon praises the 47 RNLI stations around Scotland’s long coast for dealing with over 200 call-outs (a.k.a. “shouts”) over the last year. This is apparently a record and is being explained by the growing number … Continue reading

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Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

As the debate on independence heats up, Clive Fairweather, a retired SAS colonel and a man who knows a thing or two about such things, wrote a chippy little article in the Hootsmon last month in which he bemoaned the … Continue reading

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Data Aggro

Having been involved social media for a couple of years and approaching 300 blogs at this particular site, like most I had given little thought to any down side of social media. But an article from our American cousins—who have … Continue reading

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Looking for a Few Good Molluscs

A twist on the US Marine Corps recruiting slogan is no bad way to start people thinking about the 75% (yes, that much) of Scotland that is underwater. Look at a map of the UK’s territorial waters and—even if you … Continue reading

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The Guizer Jarl

The former LibDem Leader Tavish Scott MSP has an op ed piece in today’s Hootsmon in which he waxes lyrical on Shetland’s Norse heritage and another rousingly successful Up-Helly-Aa—as impressive and unique a local festival as you could sail a … Continue reading

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