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Swiss Cheese Treaty

Look up the Treaty of Union and/or search for it on the web and its text is not easy to find. You’d think that something as binding and permanent as that is supposed to be would have a hallowed, prominent … Continue reading

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Not-So-Dismal Science

Economics has been called the dismal science and a joke with more than a little truth to it is if you want a bewildering number of projections, you simply ask a couple of economists what they think. But, sometimes, things … Continue reading

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Ready! Shoot! Aim!

I find it just hilarious how unionists of all stripes are falling over themselves to demand an independence referendum the day before yesterday when—until six months ago—they did all they could to block the possibility of any such thing. Most … Continue reading

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…Then Wait Five Minutes

I’ve always enjoyed the way Scots tell jokes against themselves. One that sprang to mind recently during an intense Twitter slugfest on the topic of independence referenda was the one about “if you don’t like the weather in Scotland, just … Continue reading

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How Green Is My Valley?

Much of what a councillor does, while necessary, does not, in general, hold enough interest for me to blog about it. But, having spent today entirely bound up by an appeal over planning consent for a couple of wind turbines, I … Continue reading

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Floating White Elephants

These are testing times for commentators like me who try, despite my own beliefs, to keep an open mind and (somewhat harder) make commentary that includes others’ points of view. And just to prove how wide I have been casting … Continue reading

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The Whole Ruth & Nothing But?

Along with a number of others (including, I suspect, Murdo Fraser), I found yesterday’s “Let’s Get Started” speech from new Tory leader Ruth Davidson something of a disappointment. Nothing wrong with the delivery, made with youthful energy and, indeed, there … Continue reading

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Triple Eh?

Just about inhaled my muesli this morning when I glanced at today’s Hootsmon front page to see that prophet-of-doom-who-should-know-better Bill Jamieson was querying whether Scotland could retain the present AAA credit rating the UK (and very few other countries) enjoy. … Continue reading

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Lab Phlostigen Research

Of all the trends apparent in politics over the last couple of decades, the one that appears pivotal is not any revolution in political thought on policy or the invention of a whole new category like socialism but the rout … Continue reading

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Rip-off Railways

Something of a rammy has broken out over the scale of increases in rail fares. In fact, this year’s (average ~5.9%) are no worse than previous. But now that many are feeling the fiscal pinch, sensitivity on such inflation-busting rates … Continue reading

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