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Local councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Stood for the Scottish Parliament 2011; lost by 151 votes.

Silicon Valley’s Culture of Amorality

Unashamedly lifted verbatim from his Nov 23 article in LinkedIn by Tom Foremski, former Financial Times journalist, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher, and adviser on corporate affairs. For those few readers who may not know, Silicon Valley is shorthand for … Continue reading

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Ten reasons why reducing automobile dependency makes sense

Originally posted on reviewanew:
Like many places throughout the world, Australian cities’ transport systems are dominated by the private car. The car has offered unprecedented flexibility and reach in our personal mobility and dominated the form and lifestyles in cities…

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Long Way to the Finnish Line

To most Scots, of the key areas of policy already devolved to Scotland, Education ranks right behind Health and the NHS in terms of priority. Based on an early tradition of universal education, Scots have had a pretty good conceit … Continue reading

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Raining on Nicola’s Parade

There is no question that the SNP Conference just finished in Perth was upbeat, professional, impressive and—because of the slew of new members present—one of the most open and exciting. Salmond didn’t disappoint in the choice of demeanour for his … Continue reading

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Today being the actual anniversary when 96 years ago the guns fell silent on the Western Front it seems appropriate to not just remember those who lost their lives serving in the British Armed Forces but why they were called … Continue reading

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The Wrong Plane We Can’t Afford

An event that passed with very little comment this summer was the naming of the first of the Royal Navy’s two 65,000-ton aircraft carriers—HMS Queen Elizabeth—at it launching ceremony in Rosyth. It is the second warship so named in RN … Continue reading

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A Prefect to Sort Out the Primary Playground

So the other shoe in the shape of Jim Murphy has dropped. Along with Neil Findlay and Sarah Boyack, the lineup looks a lot more credible than the dithering silence at the start of the week but this game is … Continue reading

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Sauce for the Gander

Since the referendum, the NO campaign have exuded “well, that’s settled”, based on their 10%-margin win. But actually, they have been keeping their heads down because debate around any agreed devolution settlement—such as the Smith Commission is expected to come … Continue reading

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John Maclean’s Body Is A-Spinning in his Grave

These blogs have at times been scathing when referring to the Scottish Labour Party and for that no apology is offered. And yet, those who read them objectively will have realised that the positions taken were as much from sorrow … Continue reading

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Support Catalan Petition

The Scottish independence referendum has shown that the best and fairest way to make crucial political decisions is an open public debate followed by a democratic vote. In accordance with the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia and the Catalan Popular … Continue reading

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