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Local councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Stood for the Scottish Parliament 2011; lost by 151 votes.

Jockalypse Now

Two weeks ago a tsunami of revolt against London unionist parties felled the two remaining in Scotland bringing them down to the same risible level of 1 solitary MP at which the Tories have been languishing since devolution was introduced … Continue reading

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They Also Serve

Unless there’s a scandal involved, like yesterday’s Hootsmon front page story of Edinburgh officials on the take, you don’t hear much about councils. There were council elections all over England on the same Thursday as the General Election  but they … Continue reading

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“Not Enough Votes, Mainly”

Tom Harris, whose dry comment on Scottish Labour’s election debacle this is, is only one of a posse of capable and experienced politicians whose next stop is the burroo. Aside from those who jumped ship, Douglas Alexander, Anne Begg and … Continue reading

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The Other Borders Railway

Most people around Edinburgh know that there will be big fanfares this September when the long-awaited Borders Railway re-opens as far as Tweedbank, linking the Central Borders, Galasheils, Gorebridge and Dalkeith back into the ScotRail network at Waverley. It’s not … Continue reading

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Labour is already in mourning.

Originally posted on Iain Macwhirter:
? Spare a thought this weekend for the Labour MP for Glasgow North East, Willie Bain. Opinion polls had suggested that he might be the only Labour MP left in Scotland. It could have made…

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The Kids Aren’t All Right

What follows is my column to this week’s East Lothian Courier, which tries to address a pressing issue for our local school pupils and their education. Last week East Lothian Education Committee met for the first time this academic year … Continue reading

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Tiptoe Through the TTIP

Hands up all those who know what TTIP stands for? You don’t? Well it was the topic of a major debate in the Scottish Parliament yesterday. However it received scant coverage. The only news about the SP seemed to be … Continue reading

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Lions Led by Donkeys Revisited

This week the centenary of the launch of the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign of WWI reminded us all that butchery and senseless loss of life was not confined to the trenches of the Western Front and the massed Russian cannon-fodder of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Hubris

The troops have been brought home, Camp Bastion is again empty desert and everyone’s happy the news no longer features Hercules aircraft landing at Brize Norton with another load of coffins. Everyone—the government, the opposition, MoD, the Army, the veterans … Continue reading

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Everyone knows there’s an election coming. The less political punters who think “they’re a’ the same” and seldom bother to vote may already be turned off by the whole affair with over a month still to go. But that would … Continue reading

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