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Local councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Stood for the Scottish Parliament 2011; lost by 151 votes.

Making the Law an Ass

This blog has been critical of recent ‘developments’ in Scotland’s justice system in general and the role played in such changes by the Justice Minister, Kenny Macaskill MSP. And this criticism is not personal, having nothing to do with wur … Continue reading

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Nothing to Bash

After a mild spring, North Berwick has so far been blessed by two days of sky-splitting sunshine over the weekend and the place is going like a fair—boat trips out round the islands well loaded and not a pavement cafe … Continue reading

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Provocation? Not Gonna Work

The indy debate is heating up. In the course of my three-plus years of blogging and tweeting so far, I’d like to think my point of view contributed as objectively as my conviction would allow. Nonetheless, I have been classified … Continue reading

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By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them

This blog has been consistently critical of the UK Ministry of Defence and all who sail in her, right up to the Cabinet Minister for Defence, currently Philip Hammond. Apologists for the Union as diverse as Murdo Fraser, Alan Cruickshank … Continue reading

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‘Britain’ Is a Geographic Term

Pace the great Austrian statesman Metternich who used a similar phrase in his famous put-down of Italy’s ambitions to become a united state, it seems long past time to broaden the discussion that so far has fixated on Scottish independence … Continue reading

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Everyone Out of Step but John Bull

Perhaps it was always there, submerged in the jingoism that ran through British society in Edwardian times like a resort name through a stick of its rock. And when faced with the second half of WW1 (played 1939-45) in which … Continue reading

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And Answer Came There None

Not wishing to flatter myself, I would hope, after almost 8,000 tweets and over 630 blogs, that I am known in the smallish hothouse of political social media in Scotland and, despite some lively querying and debate, that I play … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on Labour’s Devolution Commission

(I have my own disappointments at what Johann Lamont announced as Labour’s offering to Scotland, should we choose ‘No’ in September and Labour wins the 2015. Indeed, the ‘Devo Plus’ option was one that I argued should be on the … Continue reading

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On Yer Bike

With crocuses pretty much done and daffodils coming on like a billion smiles, Spring is here, which means Walk to School Week can’t be far away. Although these pages have seen little on this topic, it is one on which … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years of Desuetude

With apologies to Señor Gabriel Garcia Marques for abusing his title, the next thousand words seek to examine the assertions coming from Philip Hammond, his MoD minions and his boss David Cameron that Scotland would be far safer and able … Continue reading

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