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Local councillor, tour guide and database designer. Keen on wildlife, history, boats and music. Stood for the Scottish Parliament 2011; lost by 151 votes.

The Cost of Hubris

The troops have been brought home, Camp Bastion is again empty desert and everyone’s happy the news no longer features Hercules aircraft landing at Brize Norton with another load of coffins. Everyone—the government, the opposition, MoD, the Army, the veterans … Continue reading

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Everyone knows there’s an election coming. The less political punters who think “they’re a’ the same” and seldom bother to vote may already be turned off by the whole affair with over a month still to go. But that would … Continue reading

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Respect Unzipped

Yet another thoughtful blog from BurdzEyeView—in this case entitled “Nae man can tether time nor tide” demands consideration and, in this case, response. The piece welcomes the initiative of a motion in the name of the party NEC to the SNP … Continue reading

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GERS Swimming Lessons

No, this blog is not about the Ibrox side. Unlike the Herald and Reporting Scotland we often let a day go by without mention of the latest crisis rocking that once-great team. Despite the last blog implying I was crying … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

After 20 years at the coalface, I find I am fed up with politics. A veteran of fifteen campaigns, three successful personal elections, two decades of various party offices and sixteen years representing my home town all piles up and … Continue reading

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Beware the polls of March

Originally posted on A Burdz Eye View:
While there has always been tension with the Scottish Labour party about how and where to target resources during elections, never have we enjoyed such a ringside seat to the internal drama. Such…

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Biggest in the World

Living as I do in the wonderful seaside environment of North Berwick, you can get banal about its wonders—not least the Bass Rock. Empty as it is of its gannet residents just now, the sheer wonder of their teeming presence … Continue reading

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Past Joukin Gin the Heid’s Aff

After decades of political invulnerability come rain, shine or socialism, Jim Murphy has been scurrying about trying to prop up the Scottish Labour edifice. From a high point of the ‘feeble fifty’ in the 1980s, the shedding of support, Labour … Continue reading

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Irn Guru

I am no great fan of the Gordon Gecko school of ambition; if everyone plays dog-eat-dog, there’s won’t be much hope for civilisation. That said, most Scots still have some way to go to get the hang of entrepreneurship. In … Continue reading

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Inside the Commons

Reblog of John Plunkett’s review in The Guardian, January 29th 2015, of Michael Cockerel’s documentary of the same name to be broadcast on BBC2 on February 3rd. There is precious little in Michael Cockerell’s documentary about the House of Commons … Continue reading

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